Sat, Oct. 17th, 2015

Dear Festividder

Sat, Oct. 17th, 2015 06:01 pm
winterevanesce: (Default)
Woot Woot, Festivids!

Thank you so much for making a vid for me! Anything you make will be appreciated and loved. Most importantly, don't stress and just have fun!

Below is more details on the fandoms I requested this year. This letter is simply just to help you out in case you need it, but please don't feel like you need to vid any certain character(s), etc that I list. Feel free to vid anything that inspires you! 


1. Ex Machina (2015 - Movie)A movie overview would be great. A character study focusing on Ava would be awesome too. I also really enjoyed the interactions between Ava and Caleb.

Music Suggestion: Maybe something eerie or chilling. Whatever song or instrumental you choose is fine though!

2. God Help The Girl (2014 - Movie)This film <3. Honestly whatever you make is gonna be awesome. I'd really love to see a happy, dancing, and fun type of vid to this movie. Character studies or relationship / friendship studies are welcomed. 

Music Suggestion: Whatever you choose is fine. It could even be a song from the soundtrack - I like the soundtrack a lot :)

3. Please Like Me (2013-Current - Tv Show)
  • Trailer
  • Hulu (Seasons 1-2), Season 3 currently airing on Pivot Tv
I really love how happy this show makes me feel. So something happy, silly, etc would be great to see in the video. I ship both Josh/Geoffrey and Josh/Arnold. A character study on Josh's awkwardness would be pretty awesome to watch. I also like the friendship between Josh and Tom.

Music Suggestion: Anything should be fine. Maybe something that would be happy/fun, kind of similar or along the lines to the shows Main Title Song

4. Quantico (2015 - Tv Show)This show is pretty awesome. I'd be happy with anything on this whether it be an overview of the show or on a certain character(s). There's tons of characters, and every single one of them intrigues me. A character study on Alex Parrish would be great!

Music Suggestion: Anything

5. Scream Queens (2015 - Tv Show)I love everything about this show, so an overview of the show would be fine. I also love the Chanel girls, so a video on them would be really cool. Also Chanel Oberlin is my favorite character on the show if that helps.

Music Suggestion: Anything

6. You're The Worst (2014-Current - Tv Show)I love all the characters! I'm not picky. My favorite character is Lindsay *Second Gif above*. I also enjoy the relationship between Gretchen and Jimmy. Could also be a friendship vid between Gretchen and Lindsay and the crazy shit they do haha.

Music Suggestion: Anything

7. Young and Hungry (2014-Current - Tv Show)I love all the characters. Anything would be fine. I'm a big fan of Sofia Rodriguez. A video between the friendship of Gabi and Sofia would be awesome too. Could also be a video focusing on Gabi and Josh. I'm good with anything though.

Music Suggestion: Anything

8. Years & Years (RPF - Band)This band has become my obsession. I can't get enough of them. Anything would make me happy. They have quite a lot of very nice / gorgeous music videos and I love every single one of them. Could even include interviews, pictures, live performances, etc. Go crazy if you want! I'll take it all :P.

Music Suggestion: Anything is fine; Could even be a song from the band; Or maybe a remix of their songs - "Desire" (Gryffin Remix) is pretty awesome.

- XoXo, Kitty