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Posting this a bit early since I'm done with posting videos this year..


21st Century Girl (Kick-Ass "Hit Girl") VVC Club Vivid

Lights & Thunder (Thor) VVC Club Vivid

Killers On The Run (Bonnie and Clyde) VVC Premieres

Don't Let Me Fall (Yes or No) VVC Premieres "Fem-Slash" Vidshow


How We Roll (Supernatural "Jared & Jensen")


Dark Star (Multi-fandom "Sean Paul Lockhart" films)

6 videos total.

My favorite video this year (of my own): I seriously hate choosing what's my favorite, but I will go with "Killers On The Run" and "Dark Star".

My least favorite video this year: Even though it's totally adorable and it's a vid I've been trying to make for more than several years now, "Don't Let Me Fall" was my least favorite this year.

Most successful video: "How We Roll" got the most response this year. I don't know though. I can't really tell anymore what video is considered "Successful" of mine.

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: All of my vids, lmao. Just kidding. Well it's got to be "Dark Star", which I just recently released. I'm pretty sure not many people have even seen those films. "Truth" (2013-movie) is amazing though! Watch it!

Most fun video:: "How We Roll" and "21st Century Girl"; Lots of stupid dancing and kick-ass fighting

Video with single sexiest moment: Jared and Jensen are the sexiest dorks alive ("How We Roll"), especially when Jared licks his finger and puts it on Jensen's face *at the end of How We Roll*; and ----- Sean aka Brent in "Dark Star" because I had to include his Ass+Star Tattoo shot. I love his ass! *Ass appreciation*.

Biggest vid fail: Lyric fail in "How We Roll". Every year I do a lyric fail in a vid where I hear something different than what is actually the lyrics. I still haven't learned that google is my friend and that I should look up every song that I vid before I finish a vid and post it. #misinterpreted lyrics fail

Hardest video to make: Surprisingly none this year! I don't know if it's because I took a year Hiatus from vidding, but everything just came to me very easily.

The things I've learned this year:
- Check Google, Check it Damn it!! Look up lyrics before vidding a song.
- I need to give myself more time to vid, then to just rush through vids due to deadlines

For 2015:
- Multi-Fandom vids *Hopefully for Vividcon 2015*
- More Slash vids ~ I say this every year lol. Can never have enough Boyslash and Femslash vids
- I'll continue vidding NEW fandoms.

The end...
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