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It's that time of year again for a Fanvid Round Up!


You're Beautiful (Skins: Pure)


Memo (Blue Neighbourhood) Festivid

Switchback (Night/Day Watch) Festivid

Outta My Head (Wonderfalls) Festivid


Hold On (Shadowhunters: Malec)


Bad Girl (K-POP: Troublemaker) Club Vivid

Never Wake Me Up (Multifandom) Vividcon Premiere

Closer (Shadowhunters: Jalec) Vividcon Premiere

8 videos total.

My favorite video this year (of my own): This year it's a tie between "Memo" and "Never Wake Me Up" because these two videos mean so much to me!

My least favorite video this year: "You're Beautiful" would be my least favorite. It was one of those vids that one night I got the idea to make it and then next day actually made it lol. So It's a basic vid that I made quickly and isn't like amazing or anything lol.

Most successful video: I would say for festivids - It would be "Outta My Head". For Vividcon - It's between "Bad Girl" and "Never Wake Me Up"

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I seriously don't like answering this one every year lol! I guess "You're Beautiful", but it's whatever, haha.

Most fun video:: "Bad Girl" ~ K-POP is always fun!

Video with single sexiest moment: Any of the Boy Slash ones I made.

Biggest vid fail: I'm gonna say the rushed one - "You're Beautiful", because all the other vids I made this year were so much better than this one, lol. Sometimes, I don't mind making simple whatever vids.. I'm not going to stop myself from making a video just because it might not be my best. I vid when inspired!

Hardest video to make: When it comes to how much effort and time I put into a vid, "Never Wake Me Up" takes the cake. I wanted to make it sooooo bad, that It really became too much for me stress wise. I actually had a huge issue with my body after making this video from the stress. Even though I had the health issues, I don't regret making this video; but I think next time I want to take on such a huge project, I should give myself even more time to work on a vid. I did spend like 3 months on that video, but it would have been best for me to have even more time because the whole time I was like "Shit! Deadline is creeping up fast."

The things I've learned this year:
- Need to give myself a lot more time to vid huge projects and start them as early as possible. Avoid stressing myself out for my health!!!
- That I can always do better!
- How blessed I am to know people who love doing what I love doing

For 2017:
- I ain't gonna lie, but you all know I need to keep making Boyslash vids, haha.
- I have a variety of vids planned for Vividcon.
- I'll continue vidding new fandoms, but also ones I've vidded before.

The end..... Till next time!

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