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Vidder: Kitty
Title: Desire
Fandom: Heartless
Genre(s): Femslash, Overview, Character Study, Relationship Study, Angst, Dark, Supernatural
Song/Artist: Desire by Meg Myers
Software: Sony Vegas 14
Characters/Pairings: Sofie x Emilie
Summary: "How do you want me?"
Download: WMV (Windows), M4V (MAC)
Streaming: Youtube, Vimeo (password: kittyvids)
Crosspost: Website, A03, Tumblr

*Made for Vividcon 2017 Premiere Vidshow*


Oh this vid. This took me a while to settle on a song. I had a song I was going to use. Listened to this one song about a million times thinking that this was the song I was going to vid. Then I even went as far as starting the video to this one song. What happened? I wasn't happy with it. I realized the song wasn't going to allow me to tell the story of these characters the way I wanted to tell it.

So then I went hunting for a new song. I found the song I was thinking "Well this might work!" But eventually the more I listened to it, that one didn't work either.

Finally (third times the charm), I listened to "Desire" and finally found my song. "Desire" has been one of my favorite songs from Meg Myers for several years now and I honestly never thought I would make a video to it, until now. It works so well for Sofie.

Femslash! This is the second (or third) femslash video I've done. I have more to come as well! This show sucked me in so hard and I had to vid it! It's so beautifully shot, the main characters are just so captivating and the plot of the show is my kind of jam.

Just a little summary on the source, Sofie was born with a curse that makes her feed off people's energy/souls "the kiss of death" in order to survive and if she feeds for too long on that person then they burn up in flames and die. Emilie is a witch, but she doesn't find that out till later on. I recommend watching this danish show to really get to know the story and why things happened the way they did. It is highly underrated! You can stream "Heartless" on Netflix.

Thanks for watching!