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Sat, Mar. 16th, 2013 01:35 pm
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- Will/Sonny "Dice" by Maytvd21

- Glee & DOOL (Klaine + Wilson) "Sky's Still Blue" by CCMulderSkullyFan

- Shameless (Cast) "Get Up" by Megustin

- Shameless (Ian x Mickey) "Know You Better" by AsianDramaFan043

- Shameless (Ian x Mickey) "Requiem for Blue Jeans" by Megustin

- Please Like Me (Josh x Geoffrey) "It's Time to Love" by MissAllisonLoves

- Inception/Multi (Arthur x Eames) "Give Us a Little Love" by Rosidale

- MultiFemales "Whip My Hair" by xlovetoxicity

- Tru Calling "Everywhere I Go" by jess9191

- American Horror Story (Tate) "Kiss My Eyes" by colourgirl22 ~ I've watched a lot of fanvids using this song, and I think this is one of the best uses of it.

- Asian MultiCouples "Lovers Hold On" by IambananaI
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Will Horton
Echoes by Iheartsify
A super short angst filled character study vidlet that I can't stop watching over and over! I need more angsty Will vids in my life!

Will x EJ (Non-Canon)

Bromance by Mosse1
This video is hilarious and so much fun. Actually every time I see Will and Ej together in a scene on tv, I end up singing this song.

Will x Chad (Non-Canon ~ *sigh*)

Bloodstream by Maej26
Really love this vidlet. It's eye candy! Also really love the song choice.

NOW for the Biggie! *drumroll*

Will x Sonny (Canon!!!!!!! and they are precious)
Thousand Years by Maytvd21
My favorite Will/Sonny fanvid yet. It's so beautiful and gorgeously edited!

Metro Shower by Maytvd21 & CCMulderScullyfan
The first Will/Sonny fanvid that I watched and it's so amazing.  

Ho Hey by Megustin
dAWWW, this video fills me with so much glee.

Come Around by Iheartsify
Sweet, lovely and adorable vid. Absolutely love the editing

Your Body by Maytvd21
Sexy times with the boys.

I'll Find a Way by Megustin
So adorbs! Also the song choice is so perfect.

The River has Run Wild by JTCCProdz
Beautiful video that focuses on Will coming undone and his growing relationship with Sonny. I really love the ending too when it starts to pick up.

This is a list of my top favorite Will related vids. There is A LOT of fanvids I haven't watched yet, so I might make another Fanvid Rec post some time in the future.
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Day 7 – Have you ever had a vid (of yours) change your opinion of a character?

I end up falling more in love with a character/couple after I vid them most of the time at least. Either than that, I don't think I've ever stopped liking a character after vidding.

Day 8 – Have you vidded with original source? If so, why did you use original source?

With my fanvids, I've used just only outside source (from other movies or actual stock footage). I have vidded to original source for several school projects.

X-Men First Class Trailer: Onew + Minho (SHINee) Version (Fanmade)

Link to embedded vid..

LOL... What?!! I seriously love the K-pop fandom. They come up with everything!

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Day 5 – If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a vid, what did you do about it?

I don't think so to be honest. Before I vid, I'm usually set on what characters I'm going to use in the vid.

Day 6 – When you vid, do you like vidding a certain kind of male or female archetype?

Males: The Lost Soul - tortured man filled with angst & passion. Also, The Bad Boys such as Damian (TVD), Hwang Tae Kyung (You're Beautiful) - Which I haven't vidded much Bad boys, but hey I'd love to! & the guys that are just so damn hard-to-get like Baek Seung Jo (Playful Kiss).
Females: The Crusader - strong and determined heroines like Buffy (BTVS), Max (Dark Angel), Babydoll (Sucker Punch), Alice (Resident Evil) & Nikita.

"The Neverending Geurae"
[ The Neverending Story VS. "Be Mine" from Infinite ]
I don't think I can ever look at "Be Mine" from Infinite the same way after seeing this. LOL.. Just LMFAO!!

Link to embedded vid..

Favorite Part:

Thanks to [ profile] omonatheydidnt for slipping and accidentally approving this on their community. If it wasn't for the slip up, I would have never seen this EPICNESS!

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 I've watched a hell of a lot amazing vids. So here I am reccing all my All Time Favorite videos, starting from 2006. Hopefully you all will get to see something you haven't seen before. I might miss a few, since I don't have every vid that I have ever loved downloaded.

Huge chunk of love... )