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I made 3 videos for Festivids. These are all very special to me and I really enjoyed making them. Memo was a new vid idea, Switchback & Outta My Head have been in the works since 2008. Links to each video are added below.

Blue Neighbourhood - "Memo"
Video/Notes: Dreamwidth or Livejournal

Night / Day Watch - "Switchback"
Video/Notes: Dreamwidth or Livejournal

Wonderfalls - "Outta My Head"
Video/Notes: Dreamwidth or Livejournal
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Day 10 – Pairings – Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone tried to vid a pairing you liked, but found you couldn't, or a pairing you didn't like, and found you could?

I've never vidded a pairing that I didn't like. I do have some projects though that have been collecting dust.
(Love Me If You Dare - I love the two main characters and this movie, I just haven't had to motivation to finish it)
(GZSZ - Lenny/Carsten, Love these two as well.. but once again.. I don't have the motivation at the moment to finish it)

Day 11 – Genre – do you prefer making certain genres of vid? What kind do you tend to vid the most?

I noticed that I always find a way to make Dark Character study vids. I definitely vid these kind of vids the most. My dark vids seem to be my better vids as well *at least to me*. I'm attracted to characters that are struggling or have some kind of supernatural powers. I also like Psycholoical thrillers a lot (I have a vid that I'm working on with a movie like this - and man it's a challenge to vid..)

Relationship studies is another one that I enjoy to vid. If I see a couple that I love, I'll want to vid them. I'll do any kind of relationship study: The couples that are so cute together, the ones that struggle but find a way to love each other/work it out & the ones that hate each other/enemies.

Action is also a favorite. I don't vid to action as much as I'd like, but it's definitely always something that I can have fun with. I also turn to Comedy as well if I want to vid something fun & silly.

AU & Episodics are the genres that I vid the least. I love AU, but I don't make an AU vid unless I have a vid idea that I really like and think that it will work/be convincing. Episodics - I think i've only done just 2 vids in this genre. I'm the type that is greedy & LOVES to have as much footage as I can get and when I find a song, I am tempted to use a lot of footage outside from just using that one episode. Therefore, I just skip out of making an episodic vid.

I can't STOP listening to this group's album. It's sooo good! I've been a fan of theirs since their debut several months ago. I hope America realizes their Talent! It's a shame America overlooks Asian artist. This is an American debut group; They sing in English.

Link to embedded vid here..

That guy with the long hair is so good looking and has such a beautiful voice! I fangirl him hardcore.
You can find their other videos at youtube: "Go" & "Cold" (as well as a really cool "Cold" remix video)

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Old Graphics Dump

Sat, Aug. 7th, 2010 06:45 pm
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Some of these are super old and some have never been shared.
ICONS { eliza dushku, jensen ackles, hayden christenson, kristen stewart, kristen bell, hayden panettiere, devon sawa, falling up, alaina beaton, avril lavigne, britt nicole, milo v. in dirty deeds, buffy the vampire slayer, angel, sandra mccoy, supernatural}
BANNERS/HEADERS { supernatural, jojo, britt nicole, luke/noah }
WALLPAPER { ATWT's "Luke/Noah" }

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