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Sat, Mar. 16th, 2013 01:35 pm
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- Will/Sonny "Dice" by Maytvd21

- Glee & DOOL (Klaine + Wilson) "Sky's Still Blue" by CCMulderSkullyFan

- Shameless (Cast) "Get Up" by Megustin

- Shameless (Ian x Mickey) "Know You Better" by AsianDramaFan043

- Shameless (Ian x Mickey) "Requiem for Blue Jeans" by Megustin

- Please Like Me (Josh x Geoffrey) "It's Time to Love" by MissAllisonLoves

- Inception/Multi (Arthur x Eames) "Give Us a Little Love" by Rosidale

- MultiFemales "Whip My Hair" by xlovetoxicity

- Tru Calling "Everywhere I Go" by jess9191

- American Horror Story (Tate) "Kiss My Eyes" by colourgirl22 ~ I've watched a lot of fanvids using this song, and I think this is one of the best uses of it.

- Asian MultiCouples "Lovers Hold On" by IambananaI
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Will Horton
Echoes by Iheartsify
A super short angst filled character study vidlet that I can't stop watching over and over! I need more angsty Will vids in my life!

Will x EJ (Non-Canon)

Bromance by Mosse1
This video is hilarious and so much fun. Actually every time I see Will and Ej together in a scene on tv, I end up singing this song.

Will x Chad (Non-Canon ~ *sigh*)

Bloodstream by Maej26
Really love this vidlet. It's eye candy! Also really love the song choice.

NOW for the Biggie! *drumroll*

Will x Sonny (Canon!!!!!!! and they are precious)
Thousand Years by Maytvd21
My favorite Will/Sonny fanvid yet. It's so beautiful and gorgeously edited!

Metro Shower by Maytvd21 & CCMulderScullyfan
The first Will/Sonny fanvid that I watched and it's so amazing.  

Ho Hey by Megustin
dAWWW, this video fills me with so much glee.

Come Around by Iheartsify
Sweet, lovely and adorable vid. Absolutely love the editing

Your Body by Maytvd21
Sexy times with the boys.

I'll Find a Way by Megustin
So adorbs! Also the song choice is so perfect.

The River has Run Wild by JTCCProdz
Beautiful video that focuses on Will coming undone and his growing relationship with Sonny. I really love the ending too when it starts to pick up.

This is a list of my top favorite Will related vids. There is A LOT of fanvids I haven't watched yet, so I might make another Fanvid Rec post some time in the future.
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Posting this a bit early since I'm done with posting videos this year..


Find Your Way (Love Me If You Dare) Festivids 2011


Own Little World (Jennifer's Body) VVC Premiere


Come A Little Closer (Heartbeat Love)


Cartoon (Hi My Sweetheart)


Move On You (DOOL's Will/Sonny)

5 videos total. (The year of Relationship Study vids)

Vidding Questions Meme + What's for 2013? )

The end...

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I had to get this vid out of my system.. and now that I have.. *runs to vid festivids vid omg*

Vidder: Kitty aka [personal profile] winterevanesce
Title: Move On You
Fandom: Days of Our Lives
Genre: Boy Slash, Steamy/Cutesy Romance *oh yeah*
Song/Artist: Move On You by The Saturdays
Software: Sony Vegas 8, Adobe After Effects & Photoshop
Characters/Pairings: Will/Sonny aka WilSon
Summary: "Come baby be my sin."
WARNING: Flashes & Quick Cuts; Also not necessarily work safe.

Downloads, Streaming & Notes is all here... @ pulltheplug_tk

Feedback is greatly appreciated as always!

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