winterevanesce: (vidding)
 Woohoo! Just when I thought It was impossible to push my vidding skills any further... I've put together my very first EVER Wincest video with my first try at manips. So this vid idea basically threw itself at me and of course, I could not say no. This vidlet is actually for a special friend and this video would not exist if it wasn't for her. [profile] popcornleader, this is for you in celebration of your 18th Birthday. You have been such a great friend to me and I luvs ya! I know I didn't make your B-day deadline, but I'm sure you'll forgive me. PS. I added all the things you love in this short vid, so yes.. I put my brain on super drive and now it can rest... *giggle

Video Title: Your Love is a Lie
Fandom: Supernatural
Type: AU, Angst, Relationship Study
Music: "Your Love is a Lie" by Simple Plan
Warning: Wincest, Sexual Content
Outside Sources: Blonde, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville
Description: AU Wincest Vidlet. "You can tell me that there's nobody else, but I feel it." Sam's POV.
Length: 2:01
Download / Stream: @ Pull the Plug