2011 Scrapbook

Sun, Jan. 1st, 2012 11:24 am
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In order for me to remember my year, I need this LJ Scrapbook in my life. A year passes by, and I fail to remember everything that went down. For 2011, I hear by swear to update this scrapbook everyday so I can look back at my year.

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2010 Vidding Meme

Wed, Dec. 29th, 2010 12:36 am
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Holiday (Dark Angel)

Special (Beast/B2st)

Tangled Up In Me (Playful Kiss)

3 videos total. How sad.

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Finally finished a vid. I have so much love for this show and it got my vidding muse up and running again. I hope you all enjoy!

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Tangled Up In Me
Fandom: Playful Kiss
Genre: Character/Relationship study, Comedy
Song/Artist: "Tangled Up In Me" by Skye Sweetnam
Software: Sony Vegas 8.0
Characters/Pairings: Oh Ha Ni / Baek Seung Jo
Summary: "Can't you see, I want you." (Oh Ha Ni's POV) Baek Seung Jo causes Oh Ha Ni to go a little crazy.

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